September 2021

“From the start it has been the theatre’s business to entertain people… it needs no other passport than fun.” Bertolt Brecht

HAMS are BACK! Calling all thespians, friends and supporters. HAMS are thrilled to announce that we’re back in the groove and ready to get going on the next theatrical adventure.

Ever mindful of the likely precautions and possible impact of Covid-19 on our preparations and performances, we are taking measures to mitigate and limit the risks. In the first instance, it is important to note that the pandemic has suggested some constraints which have influenced the steering group’s
choice of play. We think you’ll love the choice and there are parts for adults and youngsters, but it is important to note that the size of the cast is likely to be smaller than in previous years. Simply put – the more actors involved, the greater the chances of needing to shut down rehearsals for isolation,
putting the whole production at risk.

We think the play is innovative, pacey, and thoughtful. It will work well in the village hall space and is flexible enough for us to make the play our own.

If you’re interested in taking part or are keen to support the play in other ways,
please come along to the play-reading evenings:

East Hagbourne Village Hall
Thursday 14th or 21st October at 7.00 – 9.30pm.

Watch this space next month for more information.

If you want to contact the HAMS steering Group,
use the email address shown below.

Looking forward to seeing you there

All the best from HAMS!.

Contact us by email: info@thehams.co.uk