HAMS Spam – November 2019

We’re off, We’re of, We’re off on a Motor Coach!

By the time you read this, the cast for Our Day Outby Willy Russell will have been chosen, with lots of youngsters from the village and beyond taking part. Were very excited about it all!

Our Day Out features a coachload of academically challenged, inner-city kids taking a school outing; following all the fun and frantic episodes that happen along the way.

You havent missed the bus; there is still be time to join the chorus or the technical team. Step forward kids of all ages!

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

In recent weeks, with John Lawson’s sad passing, HAMS lost a key and founding member of the group. John was the polished crystal around which the group coalesced and in almost every HAMS production, he played many a memorable role in his own unique style.When on stage he owned it, and when off stage he was a great encouragement to others less experienced than he, and a great help to running the group. He will be deeply missed. For a few reminders of John in action go to John Lawson – a tribute.

It was thus with mixed emotions that last month we celebrated our 10th It was thus, with mixed emotions, that last month we celebrated our 10th birthday and looked back over a decade of productions, both serious and silly. To help capture those times, John Lawson previously gave us the idea of compiling a photobook. This is now available via normal contact methods listed below. The price is £15 which will be donated towards Hagbourne School in memory of John Lawson, as was the wish of his family.

The show goes on!

Your friends at HAMS

Please email us at info@thehams.co.uk and we will be happy to add you.

More news next month.      Happy September!

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